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Event Schedule

Early packet pick up at 24 He Fitness located at 4345 Imperial Ave, San Diego, CA 92113
Bibs will be ready from 10/18-10/19.

If you have not picked up your bib early you can do so at Late registration on the day of event. Late registration opens at 545 am 10/20 and closes at 7am. 

On site registration available day of event! 

The race starts at 7am and is timed! 

All race results will be available to view!

Our Health Festival starts at 8am and ends at 230pm!

Thank you for joining us and remember to have a fun and safe run/walk!

*All participants are required to sign a release of liability waiver.


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 Here you can stay updated with everything you need to know about the
Annual San Diego Hip Hop 5K!
From signing up, volunteering, sponsorship, vendors and much more.

the cause…

Utilizing the run and festival to raise awareness on topics that affect our community, such as:
1. Mental health
2. Physical health
3. Financial literacy
4. Preventative care and total wellness
5. To fundraise and redistribute capital earned into community development programs like The HeartBeat Music and Performing Arts Academy and Community Co operative Projects.

Get To Know Us

About San Diego HipHop5k and Festival

We will be organizing a 3.1 mile walk/run through Southeast San Diego. Inviting 1,000 people to participate with us we are going to march together through our neighborhoods in a show of solidarity, health and innovative thought. We want to create a spark of creativity and forward thinking in the community...

Along the route

Along the course, there are tons of amazing art work to motivate your run and raise your spirit. We use original art pieces that depict visions of a bright future. Positive words and phrases are posted throughout the course.
Each piece of art will go with an overall theme and be specifically tailored to each neighborhood.

By decorating the area with large paintings and other artful expressions of positivity, optimism, empowerment and development, the runner or walker will have the incredible experience of traveling through an interactive art gallery with a beginning middle and end theme.



route info…

  • North on San Pasqual
  • East on Ocean View
  • North on 47th
  • East on Imperial
  • South on Euclid
  • West on Logan
  • North back onto San Pasqual

For our Elders

We celebrate our elders for paving the way and enriching our community. Free pampering sessions will be provided at the Hiphop5k and festival for seniors 60 and up.


CPR training…

Not many people understand the importance of CPR training and how many lives can be saved. We will be offering CPR Training at our event. Listen to what the American Heart Association has to say about the importance of CPR Training.


Our goal is for 1,000 people to engage in this 5k. We will encourage the youngest and the oldest people to participate. This is a call to combat the numerous preventable illnesses that plague Americans today: diabetes, heart problems, high blood pressure and obesity.


We will have a large variety of activities other than the 5K itself! Face painting, massage, gifts & prizes, talent show, 20ft tall wall climbing station and much more! This will be a great fun filled event to attend with your friends and family.

2018 Event Info


Thank You!

To everyone who participated in the 2015 and 2016 San Diego Hip Hop 5K


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Our Proud Sponsors

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We are looking for support from churches, local businesses, schools and leaders to participate.